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Enrollment Procedure for Incoming First Year Students, AY 2015 - 2016

To All Graduating Students:

Please double check the (home) address appearing in your MyUste account. Your graduation documents (diploma and transcript of records) shall be sent through the address indicated. Make sure that it is your permanent home address and not a temporary residence. You have to report to the Registrar’s Office immediately, any corrections regarding your home address so as to avoid problems of lost diplomas and transcripts.


Student Handbook has been added to the portal. You can download your student handbook through
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Account Activation Guide

The myUSTe portal is a system accessible via the Internet and is intended to include all the functionalities of K.I.O.S.K., the intranet facility for accessing student information. To use the myUSTe portal, a student must be officially enrolled, and he/she must activate his/her account on-line at
In the account activation, he/she will be required to supply his/her Identification Number and Date of Birth. One must ensure that he/she has already chosen a new Password to replace the default password generated by the system.

The student ID number is automatically generated by the system and is permanently assigned to the student upon confirmation of enrolment in the University. This is printed on the student's ID card and on the his/her copy of Registration Form using the format YYYY-999999 (e.g. 1991-050299). By simply dropping the hyphen (1991050299), the student number serves as his/her username in accessing the myUSTe portal. One's login account therefore, cannot be customized or changed.

Using one's Date of Birth to Activate the Account
The date of birth a student entered/declared in the Admission system when he/she initially applied to the University is used as his/her initial password in the myUSTe portal. A student must supply this exact date of birth in the activation page in the format MMDDYYYY (e.g. 04261975) [April 26, 1975].

Entering and Verifying the New Password
The new password a student will supply should be easy to remember but difficult for others to guess since it will be used to access his/her information. The new password should be 8 to 12 characters long and preferably composed of numbers and letters. The system supports case sensitivity so it is also recommended that one enters his/her password in mixed cases (e.g. Cr8tivM3).
If a student forgot his/her password, simply click the "Forgot your password?" link and supply the information required. The new password will be emailed to him/her. A student may change his/her password again once he/she has logged on to the system.

You may check the Frequently Asked Questions if you have troubles activating your myUSTe account.